Things on my mind tonight...

It's the nitty-gritty details that are on my mind. Finding an apartment, selling our house, our cars, finding Anja's school, I'm convinced that we can handle those things. It's this stuff that gets me:
1.) How to travel with three cats? One each, with Anja taking Faith (the smallest) in a soft carrier? Sedate cats for length of travel?

2.) How to ensure that apartment is livable the first night? Eat out, buy some food, don't really want to have to buy an air mattress or sleeping bags upon arrival... hit IKEA for mattresses the first day? Oy.

3.) Selling/storing/giving away all the Crap that we own. This will be a great exercise in letting go, paring down, figuring out what's important. However, it's also a bit overwhelming. Gotta stop at the ebay store tomorrow and ask about their policies, figure out about selling stuff. Take pics of things and post them on ebay/Craig's list. Freecycle as a last option.

4.) The opposite of arriving - departure, how to ensure that we have a place to sleep, ride to airport with all appropriate stuff, etc., etc.

5.) Finding a moving company and deciding what gets shipped. Feeling like Anja's stuff is important, some books, some clothes, computers, a little of my pottery, a few house-decorations that I'm attached to. Instruments?

Just so, so many details. This only touches the very surface of where my brain has been lately... whee! Pillows? They don't weight much, ship 'em? Probably not worth any money, hate to throw things away. I guess that's part of it for me, I hate to see things wasted, so if I can't sell it for money or give it to someone who will make use of it, I feel *stuck*. This is going to be an interesting year for me, in terms of that.

Also, I'm sad that we will likely lose the opportunity to own a piano, as it would have come with my mom's house. :( One more thing to accept in trade for this opportunity... My dad was asking today about if they brought the price down, what about the piano, no chance of finding another house like this at this price, etc. And I know those things, and I know what I want to do, but it's still hard, to hold on to that determination. I'm gonna miss people like crazy, I know that... hanging out with friends tonight really confirmed that. Just being able to drop by and hang out. So many challenges... remind me again, why? Ah, yes. Because we want to.

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jess said...

Ok, the pillows? Give yourself a break for right now. You do not have to decide what to do with pillows right now, besides using them to get some sleep tonight.

There will be other pianos and you will have many, many years in which to own one of them. Or two. Or three. Postponing that a little is worth this adventure!