Help with Spam and Phishing

I saw this article about anti-Spam techniques tonight, and thought it worth reposting.

Bottom line: Do not buy ANYTHING from spammers, and do not open or reply to their messages. If the profit from selling (both products and email addresses) dries up, they will stop. Otherwise, why would they bother?



I had nothing to say all month.


Actually, it's more just like, I'm feeling helpless about the state of the world, sad about Edwards dropping out of the presidential race, sick of winter, fed up with stupid people, and too lazy or tired or depressed to bother writing about it all.

John noticed yesterday that we've gotten to the point where we can sing along with all the "old" music playing in the grocery store. Love that.

I want to move, like, yesterday already. I want to be done clearing old stuff out of our house, organizing it, selling it, looking at it. I want to be Spartan, but am so bad at actively making that happen. *makes note to self* - get rid of three things today that I haven't used in the last year.

Work is alternately boring and frustrating the last couple weeks. Should get a bit better tomorrow sometime when I get some specs to work on again.

Ang posted about TED live streaming tomorrow night, so that's something to look forward to.

Recent atheist cartoon finds...

Some recent stuff I've found, mostly using StumbleUpon. I'm hoping I don't alienate too many family and friends by "coming out of the religion closet" here. I've been doing a lot of reading (on and offline, and discussing with friends) lately. I just finished reading The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. That was an excellent and very affirming book. I have several others on my reading list now, referenced from that.

Science v. Faith


Zombie Jesus

XKCD on belief

Athiest Eve - Logic of disrespect

Santa and Jesus

Athiest Eve - questioning

I gave links to sources where possible...

If you have any you want to share, feel free to post them as replies!