Pics, part 1 of 3...

So, I got a camera for graduation. (Thanks, Dad!) This means that I'm taking lots more (albeit not-yet-fantastic) pictures, and getting closer to capturing what I see...

So here's part 1-9 of a bajillion :)

Making famous (ha!) cookies, which I'm now selling on etsy :)

Macro mode rocks - this is a party decoration hanging in our kitchen. Yes, still. :P

Driving around

John shows off his tattoo w/our friend Sue at a dinner party we went to in New York

John w/our friend Thom on the Staten Island ferry

The Statue of Liberty

Really beautiful flowers on Ellis Island

The intake room at Ellis Island, where immigrants used to all be processed

Anja curled up as a cat in our bed...

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jess said...

are you seriously selling cookies on etsy, or am i just being ridiculously "cute" (a la Ang) again? sport me your etsy username, chica.