Omgz, I want this apartment.

Since perusing German apartments, there've been two that I've really loved. The first is long-gone and I didn't save any pics. This is the second (and yeah, I know, this post will be out-dated as soon as this apartment is snapped up)...

Link to super-pretty apartment.

It doesn't have quite as many super-giant windows as is typical in Germany, but it's got much more of an open floor plan, which I like. If you click on "Alle 10 Builder ansehen" on the right, you can see all the pics. It's a 5 minute walk from the U-Bahn, 5 minutes from the park, it's got a garden, pets are allowed... it's just expensive. But, so it is. I emailed to see if there were any apartments in that building that'd be open in September. :) Worth a shot, right?

I know we'll find the right place, but for now, it's really fun to peruse all the pics and get a good feel for what's out there!

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Anna said...

Wow, it is gorgeous!