In a word -


Money sucks. Or rather, lack of money sucks. However, I've sold three books on Amazon for a grand total of about $14. Whee. Time to get a crapload of stuff together to take to Auction King (eBay warehouse place) nearby. And to put more books on Amazon. And... to keep cutting the things we don't *need*. The woman at the cable company got pretty damn incredulous when I told her that I wanted to cancel cable, yes, even the basic cable, yes, even though it was only $6/month. Because OMGZ, HOW CAN YOU LIVE WITHOUT TV?!@?#$!1!


Anybody out there have any brilliant and legit money-making schemes, besides picking up a p/t job?


heythatsmybike said...

don't be discouraged everything always works out.

jess said...

OMG, you CANCELLED the CABLE? That's just unAmerican. ;) On the up side, it's awfully fun to freak people out by telling them that you don't have cable.

LynzM said...

Yeah, Jess, exactly :) Like, she was equal parts incredulous and angry... I mean, I realize she's probably losing a customer retention bonus, but still! It is fun, I agree.