Spent part of this weekend in NYC

We went to a dinner party, visiting friends, last night. That part was fun. Neither of us had been to Staten Island, and although it was a long trip to get there (drive to New Haven, train to NYC, subway down to the ferry, ferry to Staten Island), it was fun, and the weather was Fantastic. We went to Ellis Island today via ferry, on an invite from the friend we were visiting with. John's Leatherman pocket knife/tool was confiscated, after they put us through airport-style screening. Bastion of liberty and freedom, my ass. That kind of stuff makes me so frustrated and angry, to have my stuff pawed through with so little regard, and to have stupid rules enforced for no discernible reason. I mean, ok, ban knives >4" and ban guns for safety reasons, I can see that, but pocket knives? Screwdrivers? What, are we planning to disassemble the statue of liberty with them? /sigh Makes me all the more ready to get out of here.

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