"Sometimes I think that I'm breaking down...

And sometimes I think that I'm fine."

Can't remember who the quote's from and I'm too lazy to look it up in my green book. Pretty soon I'm going to have an online DB for all my quotes though, great courtesy of John B. Thanks, man :D

I'm in a funk tonight, and I don't know why. I hate feeling like this... life is good, better even than it's maybe ever been in many ways. There's positive change going on in so many ways, and I'm too tired to even write about it. I think maybe that's really the root of it tonight, needing more sleep... wish I'd been able to get a nap in today. Have a much harder time laughing at myself, and laughing at the dumb shit that guys think and do sometimes, when I'm this tired. Ah well, I'll sleep when I'm dead, right? :)

I think maybe I shouldn't post this, but ah well. There's a cat trying to lick my face while I'm typing, that's awfully helpful, lol.

I think perhaps I'll go for a walk...


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Claire Cho said...

Hi, Lindsay! It's Claire.
I was going to email you just to say hi, opened your old mail, then I found the address of your website. I hope my visit was not rude. When I am breaking down, I just plan suicide. While I am doing it, I find reason to get up. ^^ I miss you and Anya. Good night.