So.... um. Yeah.

It's been a long-ass time since I've written anything. Life has been crazy and busy and emotional, and I haven't much felt like writing. I have half a post about Thoreau that's been sitting in my drafts for about 6 weeks now. I want to finish it, I really do! But it seems there is, lately, always something more urgent.

What needs to get written about? We're not moving, that's probably the biggest concrete piece. (The rest is harder-to-define emotional stuff, etc.) We decided that there were too many good people and too much cool stuff here to be involved in, and that we were counting down how many times we had left here to do things, instead of counting down toward being able to do things in Germany. And while there are absolutely things that I mourn about not going, things that I was really looking forward to, I have to say that my overall feeling has really been relief to make that decision.

So, on to plan B, which is to send John back to UConn to get his master's, starting in the spring... he's so unhappy at work, and they treat him like a monkey. He needs either a job or a research position or something that lets him use his intelligence creatively, solving problems. So we're headed up to UConn today to talk to one of my former profs, get a better feel for what the grad program looks like, what TA'ing is like, etc., etc. I got a 1/2 comp day for work, whee!!

That's the really short version, but I'm not too motivated... perhaps there will be more, and pictures, to follow soon. :)


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Priyanka said...

well i am glad you atleast that you guys have decided one way. also best of luck to john, i know what its like to be treated like a monkey. hope it all works out. hugs