Gin, Televison and Social Survival - neat article

So, you know, I'm not really a fan of TV. With the exception of the geek package (Comedy Central, the Learning Channel, Science Channel, Discovery, etc., etc.), I don't miss TV.

But I was sent a really interesting article about TV tonight: Looking for the mouse.

Fascinating. And I tend to agree, if humans can keep the internet and social networking and intellectual sharing around, in its current (or improved) forms for a few decades, then I think it *is* looking at a fundamental shift.

Still doesn't make me want to flip on the soaps, but that's ok. :)


theloushe said...

Huh. Fascinating to think of television within the context of humans having free time for the first time ever. Not sure it makes me a TV fan (so many OTHER ways to spend that free time, ya know?) but it's something new for the mind to turn around and examine.

I ♥ using Wikipedia as a unit of human thought-time! And *grin* at lolcats being an agent of social change.

The idea of Wiki crime maps is interesting. How sad that it's more convenient to make it from scratch than ask the authorities for the info. Doesn't it seem like our government institutions would benefit hugely from of-the-moment technology, yet often seem the most archaic?

LynzM said...

Yeah, it was an interesting read. I'm going to agree that I'm still not a fan, but it's interesting to think about.

The wiki stuff, wow!! Think about how much we could accomplish if we could all just collaborate! And yeah, sad that the government seems to be so often sooooo far behind on using technology. At the same time, you know there'd be people in there mucking up the data just to get more funding, decrease/increase tax rates, etc. So how do you appropriately monitor that?

The thing that gets me all the time about this kind of stuff is about physical stuff, too. Like, I have leftover from dinner and I know there are hungry kids in town. I wish I could share. And I know we'll get rid of a lot of stuff before the move, I'm sure there are people that would want it. Freecycle meets that need to some degree, but only kind of. I love the idea of a "free market" as a play on flea market, where you set up booths and people bring things they're willing to give away, and others "shop" there. If we weren't moving, I could contemplate trying to get one going on our town green twice a month, or something!

theloushe said...

They probably still wouldn't let you give away food - health codes and all. :( Still, love the idea of a "free market".