Hi again....

So, I haven't written anything since November. Lame! And I keep feeling like, maybe today will be the day I jump back in... and then I never do. So, here goes nothing, right?

Some good reading for the day

I've been doing a lot of thinking/reading/learning lately about how to let go of other people's problems, and how to more constructively deal with my own. That's not to say that helping people is bad, by any means. It's just to say that one can be empathetic and concerned about others to the point where it's detrimental to one's self. I need to keep myself, my needs, my family's needs at the forefront of my concerns more than I generally do. Sometimes, for me to be ok, means not bending over backward to do things that other people would benefit from. It also means letting go...

"I am not responsible for fixing everyone else's problems."

I've been reading The Tao of Willie: A Guide to the Happiness in Your Heart the last few days. Lots of good thoughts and reminders in there, including the lesson to not invest energy in second-guessing past choices. The decisions are made, and you can learn from them and move forward. But kicking yourself is way less productive than taking the lesson and going from there. :)

More soon, including some pics from my trip to visit Jess and family last week, some thoughts on music and motivation, plans for the summer, and ruminating on moving (again) and living-space-needs, etc., etc....



theloushe said...

"kicking yourself is way less productive than taking the lesson and going from there."

Amen to that! Learning not to regret is hard but well worth it. :o)

Glad to see you back in action!

Andrea said...

Haha - Jess quoted the bit I was going to quote.

"including the lesson to not invest energy in second-guessing past choices."

Gosh - definitely great advice. I know it is advice that I should take.

Can't wait to hear more Lynz. I can probably empathise with the space-needs thing. Yesterday my Facebook status was nearly "I feel homeless in my own home" because I don't feel like I have a bit that is just mine and I think I need that. Looks like I should write my own blog instead of hijacking yours xx

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the blog :)

I think I have that whole "not kicking yourself" thing down. I pretty much operate on zero regret - just lessons learned, and factors for future decision making. I think the big thing is to focus on what the lesson is - because then you are taking the positive/cnstructive slant on it, and thus there is nothing negative to kick yourself for :) It all serves a purpose.

I tend to get myself bogged down in lots of thinking/planning and not enough doing. Which might be why I was inspired to reinvent my kitchen - a marathon of "doing". Now, I need a nap. For like... three days.