The hardest part? Your favorite part?

So, I recently started doing a thing with Anja, right before she goes to sleep at night. I ask her what the hardest part of her day was, and what her favorite part was. It's both a neat way to get insights into the way that she sees her life (that is, she surprises me sometimes with her answers!), and a good way to get her in the habit of looking at both the negative and positive things that are going on... she's recently started doing the same thing to me, which is awesome. Sometimes, my 'real' answers aren't 5-year-old appropriate, so I modify them or come up with alternatives, but it does get *me* thinking, too... And apparently, this idea is a little bit contagious, so I'm going to put it on here and make it even more viral, hehe. :)

Yesterday's hardest thing: getting very emotional after leaving John's AS assessment, and the negative repercussions of that for the next 20 minutes

Yesterday's favorite thing: toss-up between lunch with John at this kick-ass bar in Middletown, where you could just kind of forget the world, and the time we spent together after Anja went to bed :)

Here's the link to the bar we went to... the site describes it as:

"Saving the Ales" since 1994, Eli Cannon's Tap Room is committed to diversity. Thirty-Six (36) REAL ALES on tap rotating constantly to ensure freshness and revolutionary selection.

The atmosphere is easy: Irish / English Pub / American Trailer Park Fusion
Barber chairs, theater seats, leather couches and chairs are just a few of the vehicles to chill on.

This is probably the best bar I've been to in the U.S., in terms of feeling instantly comfortable there and enjoying the food and drink and atmosphere. Willi Brew pub may have better food, that'll have to wait to see. It does make me wish that Middletown weren't quite so far away... it's a bit harder to stumble home from there, hehe :D

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Sara said...

That bar sounds awesome!

I like your idea, I'll have to try that with Rene. I'm sure the results will be interesting :)

Lets see... my best/hardest of the day?

Hardest was probably waking up to the cow bell an hour after putting Gram to bed, and then again 2 hours after that. And then waking up for the final time and having to get her ready for her day before even being awake myself.

Best - LMAO at Ant's blog, and feeling accomplished after finishing writing my own really long one.