It's like a lovely rollercoaster...

I won't need a car!
But I won't have a car in the February sleet.

I'll get to recycle almost everything!
But I'll probably get in trouble if I screw it up.

I'll get to learn a lot of German at work and via Anja at school!
But it'll be much harder to express my thoughts.

Back and forth and back and forth, on so many thoughts, lately. I'm psyched but scared... I suppose that's how it has to be, though, right? I think a lot of it is worry about embarassing myself at work, or in front of other parents. It's one thing to be a student, and another thing to function as an adult with these kind of responsibilities! Plus we're just getting involved in all of this really fantastic music stuff lately, which I know I'm going to miss... oy.


jess said...

LOL, I saw the title and the first two lines and thought, hey, Lynz is writing poetry! :)

You remind me of Graham Greene: "when we are not sure, we are alive."

LynzM said...

Heh. Well, in that case, I'm going to be very, very alive for the next year or so, lol!