Eddie Izzard - Noah and the Ark

LMAO at this one... I love Eddie Izzard. I don't know why it's taken me this long to discover him, but I've only started watching his stuff in the last year or so...

I'm so glad for YouTube... apparently Germany doesn't "do" stand-up comedy the way we do, and even if they did, my language isn't good enough yet. That's one big measure of your language skill in a language you're trying to learn- are the jokes funny, yet?

And now, without further ado...

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Anna said...

I agree, Eddie Izzard is a comedic genius.
I happened over your blog via Grace Undressed. You live in Germany? There are lots of fantastic cabaretists and comedians out there for you to discover. Try Dieter Nuhr, Michael Mittermaier, Mario Barth or Urban Priol. These are some of the best and most popular ones (although also only a fragment of the great ones). I'd recommend starting with Dieter Nuhr, if you are still learning the language. He speaks high German (the others have slight accents) and he speaks rather slowly and intelligibly. The sketch shows on TV are dumb, I know that, but these guys are hilarious.
Btw, about the music you're looking for, do you want them on real CDs or would soundfiles do too? I may have one or two of the things you are looking for.