Birthday Party-ness

Happy 5th to Anja!

Anja, her best friend Louise, and friend Chandre - this was a unicorn-pegasus party, hence the angle of the hats, lol

Dylan is a nut :)

Hangin' out and playing during the party, in Anja's room

It was a full house :) I think we ended up with 19 adults and 10 kids, wow! And man, is my hair short in the back, just got it cut a few hours before the party!

Anja's friend Anatole has the most striking eyes

Opening gifts - I think she's a little excited about Memory!

Playing with horses and unicorns, before they started playing dress-up:

A bunch of kiddos wound up hiding out in the laundry room, a good nook for a pile of kids, and banging on the washer with your feet sure sounds like a monster coming! LOL

Getting ready to light the candle... our friend Jason decorated the cake - thanks, dude!!

Ok, everybody get in line!!

This was after dress-up had gone on, Anja in her "princess dress" and Chandre in one of Anja's dresses. There was a point I was having to set the kitchen timer to keep track of who got how long with which dress, and with the princess hat!

All in all, it went really well! The cake all got eaten, there was almost no crying, kiddos were mostly reluctant to leave :) Dylan's parents got a tour of our basement, and I think every square inch of our house was, at some point, occupied. I feel like I missed a lot of good pics, didn't get behind my camera much. I handed it off to my dad, but I know he was taking his own pics, too, so maybe he has some shots of some of the fun that I missed...

Anja says she "Loved it and can we do it again tomorrow?" Bwahahahaha!

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jess said...

Already gushed on the phone, but had to say again how much I love these pics! Hooray for basic kiddo parties! It's great how much depth/life/documentary feel there is to your pics. :)

Now can you come down to VA to help me do it in Jan? I'm skeered!!